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The event "Citizens' Assembly: A response to the crisis of electoral democracy - International experiences and Italian perspectives" was held on 15 July 2019 in the "Sala del Refettorio" of the Chamber of Deputies.

Electoral democracy is experiencing a crisis on a global scale, witnessed by the constant growth of abstention and distrust of governments.


The weakness of the executives, forced to pursue the popular consensus in a state of permanent electoral campaign, is summarized in the emblematic sentence of the President of the European Commission: "The government leaders know what to do, what we do not know is how to make ourselves re-elected after having done it ".


In the face of the impasse in which representative elective democracy is found today, caught between authoritarian thrusts and epistocratic tendencies, it is necessary to experiment with new forms of political participation that overcome the limits of the electoral logic "majority vs opposition" and rebuild a pact of trust between citizens and institutions.

The ancient Athenian road of aleatory democracy, which for over twenty years has returned to being applied internationally, suggests the model of the Citizens' Assembly: an assembly of citizens randomly drawn on a statistical basis, which meet guided by experts to discuss and deliberate on one or more topics of public and general interest. From Ireland to Belgium, from Switzerland to England, from Iceland to Mongolia, the use of Citizens' Assembly is offering surprising and effective answers to find solutions to controversial issues.

All this was discussed at the conference on 15 July, with the presence for the first time in Italy of the international protagonists of the Citizens' Assembly, such as those that led to the constitutional reform of abortion and gay marriage in Ireland.


During the event the Manifesto for the promotion was presented, also in Italy, of the Citizen' Assembly as a democratic tool. In particular, the manifesto addresses to the Italian Government the proposal of two Citizens' Assemblies; one on climate change and the transition to ecology and one on the reform of the electoral law.

The event was organized by Eumans, Democrazia Radicale and Oderal - promoters of the manifesto.



  • Samuele Nannoni - Founder of Oderal

  • David Farrell - organizer of the Irish Citizens' Assembly and member of the Royal Irish Academy ⇨ SLIDE

  • Catherine Leonard - leader of the G1000 Belgium campaign, co-organizer of the permanent city assemblies established in the German-speaking region of Belgium ⇨ SLIDE

  • Nenad Stojanovic - University of Geneva, FNS professor at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Geneva ⇨ SLIDE

  • Rodolfo Lewanskii, associate professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna, participatory democracy expert ⇨ SLIDE

  • Mario Staderini - promoter of the campaign libertà

  • Alessandro PluchinoSLIDE and Andrea RapisardaSLIDE - associate professors of theoretical physics at the University of Catania, winners of the IG Nobel prize for a research on the benefits of the draw, authors of "Democrazia a sorte - Ovvero la sorte della Democrazia" and supporters of Oderal

  • Marco Cappato - treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association and promoter of Eumans

The event was also reported in the press, it is possible to view the articles of Il Fatto Quotidiano and TPI.