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Italian Revolution – Manifesto for transforming the Senate of the Republic into a citizens’ Assembly (download the PDF in Italian)  is a text written thanks to the inspiration provided by the book “Against elections – The case for Democracy” by the Belgian journalist David Van Reybrouck.

The text is divided into two parts.

The first part questions the crisis of our democracy and presents the theses, theories and projects, denoted in the book and not only, concerning an ancient means of democratic selection of its representatives, drawing lots or sortition, and the possibilities of its application to our modern codes.

Instead, the second part is dedicated to a personal elaboration of a model of institutional reform for Italy, conceived thanks to inspired proposals for reform already proposed in other countries. This reform has been given the name of “Italian Revolution” because, if it were ever to be implemented, it would be by all effects a veritable revolution in our way of being citizens, of our perception of what it really means to live in a Democratic State, of our vision of politics. Obviously, this revolution would be based on the introduction into our institutional system of a random selection through sortition as a practice for the selection of the components of one of the two Houses of the Italian Parliament: the Senate.

The analysis of the reform was divided into four macro-categories, listed below, to make the explanation clearer:

  • Composition and mandate of the new Senate

  • Powers and functions of the new Senate

  • The procedure for the selection of senators through sortition and self-selection

  • Salaries of senators and relations with the profession carried out by the same