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After the COP25 failure, immediately an Assembly of Citizens drawn by lot. A proposal for a popular initiative law was filed with the Court of Cassation on 20 December. At 9.30 there was a meeting with the press.


On Friday 20 December, a proposal for a popular initiative law was filed with the Central Office of the Court of Cassation for the establishment in Italy of "Citizens' Assemblies", an innovative form of participation in democratic life.


This is a practice that is widespread internationally and known as Citizens' Assembly, which consists in entrusting an assembly of citizens drawn according to specific criteria, supported by experts, analyzing and addressing issues of general interest. on which electoral democracy is unable to provide adequate solutions.


Among the promoters of the bill were present in the Cassation: Samuele Nannoni and Marco Sciolis - founders of Oderal, Marco Cappato - founder of the Eumans popular initiative movement, Mario Staderini - protagonist of political-legal initiatives in defense of citizens' political rights, Lorenzo Mineo - coordinator of Radical Democracy, Filomena Gallo - secretary Luca Coscioni, Leonardo Monaco - secretary of Certi Diritti, Carlo Maresca - coordinator of the European Citizens' Initiative for Carbon Pricing -, together with activists from Extintion Rebellion Italia and other environmental movements present individually.


The proposed law, in fact, provides that the first "Citizens' Assembly" established is on the issue of combating climate change, as required in various countries by international ecological movements. Also in France, President Macron has launched the "City Climate Convention", which is seeing the participation of 150 citizens.


At 9.30 am, the promoters met with the press to explain the reasons and objectives of the proposed law, on which the collection of the fifty thousand subscriptions provided for by the Constitution will be started.


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The illustration of the proposed popular initiative law on citizens' assemblies

The meeting of 15 July 2019 in the Chamber of Deputies Citizens'Assembly: a response to the crisis of electoral democracy


Constitutive meeting of the committee promoting the proposed popular initiative law

Thursday 9th of January at 19.00

The meeting will take place on GoToMeeting - register to receive the link to join the meeting


For information:

Lorenzo Mineo - & +39 320 805 1037