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In March 2019, with some exponents of Radicali Italiani, Associazione Luca Coscioni and Science for Democracy, ODERAL presented an European project (Download the PDF).

This project aims at creating an online multi language platform titled "Virtual Citizens Assemblies for the European Union" which will host more Virtual Citizens Assemblies on the issues under votation at the European Parliament. For each issue, a new virtual Assembly will be created. These Assemblies will be composed by random selected citizens from all the European citizens who will be enrolled in the online platform. The members of each virtual Assembly will have to consult official and unofficial documents related to the subject under votation, access multilingual FAQ and discussion forums with experts and, finally, vote on the proposal in question. All Assemblies will have the same number of members, determined from the datum of abstention at the last European elections of 2019.

The aim of the project is to empirically demonstrate the studies and mathematical models of professors Andrea Rapisarda and Alessandro Pluchino, supporter of ODERAL.

The slides below present the various interfaces that the site of the platform will have at the time of its realization.