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We ask the Government and Parliament to establish "Citizens' Assemblies", drawn so as to proportionally represent the whole population, to study, discuss and deliberate proposals on specific topics of public interest that require urgent and shared solutions.


The last few decades have shown us that Parliament cannot make decisions on complex reforms that will take effect only after many years, because they do not bring votes in the short term.


In a state of permanent electoral campaign, it too often happens that the general interest is overshadowed on urgent matters.


Far from representing an antithesis to the bodies of elective representative democracy, the "Citizens' Assemblies" led by experts and professionals from the various sectors represent an opportunity to address precisely those issues that the "majority / opposition" logic is unable to resolve.


For this reason, as already experimented in Canada, Australia, Japan, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France, we ask for the establishment of two first "Citizens Assemblies":

1. on the reform of the electoral law.

2. on climatic emergencies and the energy transition.


citizens assembly on the reform of the electoral law, so that the voters themselves can choose and elaborate the best model of conversion of votes into seats. Faced with the unstoppable growth of abstention, we need an understandable electoral system in the interests of citizens, not parties. After the referendum of 1993, the Parliament changed the electoral law three times, always a few months after the vote, with the Constitutional Court which then ascertained its illegitimacy and the European Court of Human Rights which will have to judge the latest elections for violations of freedom of vote. For this reason a citizens' Assembly can be the first step towards a shared reform that gives stability to the rules of the democratic game, overcoming the physiological conflict of interest of the parties.

A citizens' Assembly on climatic emergencies, the energy transition, to tackle an issue that is most urgent, directly involving those who will suffer the consequences of the significant change in our way of life that science tells us is necessary. Taking into account some of the most influential aspects of climate change, the topics on which to focus attention and the work of the Assembly could be, for example, intensive farming, water, the carbon tax.


Here you can download the Manifesto for the realization of the two Citizens' Assemblies presented during the Citizens' Assembly event in the Chamber of Deputies on 07/15/2019.





Sign the appeal to the Government and to the Parliament to ask for the convocation of Assemblies of the citizens on climatic emergencies and on the reform of the electoral election