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This kind of Assembly represents the answer - already experimented in different parts of the world - to complex problems affecting specific city issues. Civic Assemblies have in fact the purpose to address issues of general interest in a limited time and to deliberate on the matter.

What we propose is a mandate to common citizens to solve specific issues. We want to create a context in which a group of citizens can develop clear and useful political recommendations, availables for the Municipality and effectively implementable by public officials.

We believe that this can be an opportunity to restore momentum and strength to democratic life and to the involvement of citizens in the management of the res publica.

An opportunity to bring together citizens and politicians.

When citizens have the opportunity to participate in a fair, inclusive, informed and impartial process, they are ready to provide constructive advice and to listen, inform themselves and offer the necessary commitment and sensitivity to deal with complex public issues. This is the phenomenon known as "rational ignorance": anyone, knowing that his choice will make the difference, will be pushed to do it in the best way.

What is the relationship between the Assembly and the administration?
The administration refers a specific issue of public interest to the Assembly, which deliberates on it and sends its recommendations to the administration.

This is not about direct democracy or massive change of governance but it can be an useful tool to involve all citizens (since all are potentially drawable) in the formulation of sustainable and shared solutions for the city.
For the administration, a new and better way to work alongside citizens!

Tappe per la creazione di un'assemblea civica

The leader organization in this field is the Canadian MASS LBP, partner of ODERAL, with which some projects in Italy are starting up. In the slides below there are some data regarding his numerous successful projects in Canada.