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Citizens' Assembly for Italy

Citizens' appeal and collection of signatures for the construction of two Citizens Assemblies at national level, one on climate change and the other on the reform of the electoral law. The manifesto, downloadable here, was presented during the Citizens' Assembly event in the Chamber of Deputies on 07/15/2019


Our Purposes

ODERAL – Organization for Random Representative Democracy was established in order to contribute to the development of the drawing lots study and the dissemination of its practice within our democratic systems and institutions; in particular, in order to select the members of the collegiate bodies, namely assemblies.

Scientific Models

Abstention vs Drawing lots

This proposal comes from a reflection: if in the last elections any abstention or no valid vote had been attributed to the "Party of Nothingness", this would have been the first party in Italian Parliament. What does it mean?



An Assembly of citizens for Italian Municipalities is presented as a programmatic Manifesto aimed at promoting the establishment of an Assembly of citizens as the second hall of Italian municipal councils.